Just ….. just don’t “do it” … ok?


You know, the Internet is a big, crazy place. A place where you will see all manners of things on all kinds of subjects. Some are awesome, some are cute, some are soul crushing, and some are just plain stupid. This is one of those last ones.

The great state of Utah is primed to pass legislation that makes it against the law to teach (in public schools) anything other than abstinance as sex education. Hah! Bet you thought I was going to say “creationism”, didn’t you? Honestly, this is just as – if not more – retarded though. It will be illegal for teachers to inform the students about birth control methods – like the pill, condoms, sponges, and the like. They can only mention one method and one method alone – abstinence.

Now, we’ve all heard of abstinence, right? For those that have not, let me put it bluntly with a little situation. Robby and Julie are both in high school. Both of them are 16 (the legal age for sex in that area) and they are dating. They go to parties, movie, sit together, eat together and study together. Both are normal kids – healthy with no dysfunctions in their hormonal pools. They are frequently alone and when they are, they begin heavy petting. You know the drill, rubbing each other, kissing, feeling each other up, the usual. And I mean usual. Every young human couple since humanity has existed has done this. That much should be obvious – there are 7 billion of us now. We must be good at something.

Robby and Julie are completely normal. Their hormones are raging and they are feeling that urge to engage in sex. They pet, they rub, they feel. In school, they have been taught that when sexual feelings come over them, their best option is …. stop. Just that. Nothing more or less. Feeling the urge to have sex? All alone? Perfect timing? Meh, just stop! That will stop any risk of pregnancy.

Are they actually serious? The answer to sex is to …. not have any? Wha …? Have these people – Republicans if you need to know – ever been 16 and horny? Because they are forgetting something vital. When you’re16 and horny and she / he is horny and you are alone and all that … well, you are going to screw. Simple as that. Let me state it clearly – ABSTINENCE DOES NOT WORK!

That cannot be over-emphasized. It does not and cannot work. You can’t tell someone that they “shouldn’t” do that. It might work on one or two prudes, but 99.8% of them are going to have sex as soon as they are humanly able. Abstinence does not work. Every place that has a similar sex ed program has an enormous teenage pregnancy rate. Every single one. Places that teach condom use and about the pill do not have such pregnancy rates. I wonder why ….

This is a piece of religiously motivated stupidity. And a dangerous piece. Sure, the pregnancies are one thing, but you must remember that we have dozens of STD’s that roam around. If abstinence actually worked, then there would be no problem. But it doesn’t – kids still fuck and as a result of failing to learn about protection, they are going at it bareback. Meaning they are trading all those lovely viruses and such between them. How grant – anyone for Utah brand gonorrhea?

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